School Info

10150 La Tuna Canyon Road

Sun Valley, CA  91352

Mon., Wed. - Fri.

8:00 AM - 2:20 PM


8:00 AM - 1:20 PM

Phone #: (818) 767-0106

Fax #: (818) 768-2452


Upcoming Events


May 3rd - Kindergarten Open House

May 2nd - Special Ed MDO class  to School Games - Special Olympics

May 7th - May 11th - Teacher Appreciation Week

May 10thField Trip (TK/K and 1st)

May 11th - Maturation Film (5th grade)

May 14th - SSC Meeting

May 18th - Talent Show 

May 25th – Student of the Month 

May 28th – School Closed - Memorial Day

May 30thOrchestra Concert

May 31st – 5th Grade Luncheon




June 4th-7th - Minimum Days 12:40 dismissal

June 4th - Field Day

June 5th - Award Assembly

June 6th - Kindergarten Celebration

June 6th - Pre-K Celebration

June 7th - Fifth Grade Culmination

June 7th - Last Day of School



Cenntenial (1917-2017)

Click on the above picture to learn more about our long history.

 Welcome to Vinedale College Preparatory Academy

A Hidden Gem Ready to be Discovered by You

Good Luck!

Good luck to our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders taking the SBAC! You are going to ace the test!

Thank You, City Workers

Thank you to all of the city workers and personnel who helped cleanup the roads so we can be back at our home! 

Thank You, Firefighters!

Thank you, firefighters, for saving our school and community! We really appreciate all of your hard work and efforts!


Today: 6/20/18

Hot Supper Meals

Serving Hot Supper Meals - Open to the community (up to the age of 18 or individuals of any age if disabled)


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What's Happening This Week?

 Monday (2/26)

* No School - Memorial Day


Tuesday (2/27)

* 5th Grade Kickball Game

* Attendance Celebration

* Professional Development 


Wednesday (2/28)

* Orchestra Concert - Auditorium - 1:45 PM


Thursday (2/29)

* Fifth Grade Luncheon - Cafeteria - 11:00 AM

* Boy Scouts - Room 6 - 2:30 PM


Friday (2/30)

* Environmental Defenders Assembly