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Pre-Kindergarten (PAL Program)

Fikes, D.

Phillips, A.


Transitional Kindergarten/Kindergarten

Whelan, J. 


First Grade

Vides, A.


Second Grade

Jimenez, S.


Third Grade

Wharton, K.


Fourth Grade

Garciga, W.


Fifth Grade

Madrid, N.


Special Education - Multiple Disabilities Orthopedic Class (K-5)

De La Torre, G. 

Contreras, A.



Middle School


Sixth & Seventh Grade

Hawrylo, M.

Mota, V

Ireland, K.

Garcia, N.









Bernal, Alicia



Dascalos, C.

Student Services Team


Ireland, L.


School Psychologist

Zivari, N.



Borchardt, N.

Ragsdale, M.


Physical Therapist

Climaco, J.


Adapted Physical Education

Palmer, G.


Occupational Therapy

Katz, K.

ONeil, L.


Support Staff

Office Staff

Rodas, K., Administrative Assistant

Sian, S.


Building and Grounds

Cadena, P., Plant Manager

Ballesteros, F.


Food Services

Lopez-Ramos, G. - Cafeteria Manager

Alvarez, M. 


School Nurse

Serumal, A.


Parent Center

Ocampo, I.


Visual and Performing Arts

Barton, M. - Orchestra


Librarian and Computer Lab Specialist

Vasquez, M.


Special-Ed Assistants

Castro, A.

Caballero, T

Khalil, J. 

McGowan, M.

Manikad, I.

Perez, J.

Word, T. 


Healthcare Assistants

Khalil, C.

Hansen, E.

Jaco, S.

Monge, Y.

Martinez, J

Reyna, J


DHH Aide Assistant

Corcio, S.


Teacher Assistants

Bamondi, J.

Blank, J.

Ceballos, J

Ceballos, S.

Molina, R.

Requena, A


Campus Aides

Figueroa, D. (Morning)

Chan, S. (Afternoon)


Supervision Aides

Chan, L.

Meza, R.