Vinedale Elementary School

Students, Do You Have a Question or Comment for the School?

Contact your student council representatives! Our student council loves hearing new ideas and concerns to help make our school the best it can be!

Look What Our Student Council Has Accomplished!

Fourth and Fifth Graders now get an added, special play area during recess and lunch!

Student Council

Candy Gram Sale

Thank you to everyone who came out and bought a candy gram. Our Student Council sold over 300 grams! These grams will be delivered to the classrooms on the afternoon of February 14th.

Candy Gram Sale

Elections 2017

How Does Vinedale's Student Council Work?

Vindale's Student Council consists of students in grades 3-5 and are chosen from each class. These students are considered Representatives. Students are also given the opportunity to run for a position (president, vice-president, or secretary). They can campaign using posters, buttons, and even word of mouth. Those who are running must also present a short speech in front of their fellow students. After hearing these speeches, students are then provided with the opportunity to cast their ballot and vote for who they think is the best candidate for each position.