Vinedale Elementary School

Vinedale Present Day

Developing Plans

Vinedale Elementary School is developing into Vinedale College Preparatory Academy, a Local District NE K-8 span school. Our Academy will serve the families in and around the Sun Valley area. Vinedale will educate 398 Kindergarten through eighth-grade students on a traditional school calendar. Our K-8 span school will offer Vinedale students an achievement advantage because we will be both small in capacity and a K-8 configuration school. Research on school size and K-8 configuration points to several academic benefits. Smaller schools promote substantially improved achievement.


Our academy will offer many academic benefits as well. Vinedale College Preparatory Academy will emphasize the importance of learning the core subjects of Mathematics, English Language, Social Studies, Science, with a focus on college awareness. Our college awareness program will increase high school retention, augment parental involvement, promote college attendance, and heighten financial and college/career awareness. Promoting college awareness for our K-8 students will increase their likelihood to graduate from high school and enroll in post-secondary education and better prepare them for their future careers. Our graduates will not only have a solid foundation in their core subjects to meet the demands of a more complex global labor market, which is requiring higher levels of math, science, and language arts proficiency. but they will also have a rich understanding of post high school pathways to the plethora of college and career opportunities in their futures. It is expected that our Vinedale College Preparatory Academy will attract many neighborhood students.