Vinedale Elementary School

Student Population

Our Students

Vinedale is a PHBAO single-track elementary school located on La Tuna Canyon Road in Sun Valley, which has a total population of 81,788. Vinedale presently has a little under 200 students in Pre-K- 5t h grade. Our Pre-K program services students with mild to moderate special needs. We have 1 regular education class for each grade level Kindergarten through fifth grade. We also have 1 Multiple Disability class: students with multiple disabilities, orthopedic (MDO). Approximately 36% of our students are English Learners, 17% are Reclassified Fluent English Proficient. 89% speak Spanish and the other 11% is made up of Armenian, Filipino, and Vietnamese languages. All of the teachers at Vinedale meet the High Qualified requirements per No Child Left Behind. Our diverse teaching staff is experienced in serving this community and are very familiar with their students’ needs and challenges. Many of our teachers are bilingual, the majority have master’s degrees, and every year their students demonstrate improvement on district and state assessments. Our reclassification rate for English Learners is one of the highest in our local district. Our school facilities include a parent center, library, a learning center, a science lab, and a computer lab. Each of our K- 5t h grade classrooms are equipped with one or two computer desktops, an ELMO, projector, and a classroom assigned iPAD and laptop. All grade levels have access to our computer lab. There is a Community Representative. The district provides Vinedale with three days of a school nurse and a school psychologist one day a week. Both work directly with students who are at-risk and provide support and professional development for teachers, staff and parents. We also have an orchestra teacher and an art teacher that work one day a week each. Vinedale is now adding a middle school on campus for its elementary students to feed into. Starting with a 6th grade this year, a new grade will be added each year until we reach 8th grade in 2020.